We help growing companies win at digital marketing.

Running a growing business is challenging. Unlock the potential hiding in your data. We love being a part of success stories. Let us work together!


Digital Marketing Strategy

Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture when you are not in the right frame of mind. We will do our best to help you get ahold of the situation and win!

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Data Collection & Analytics

Everything happens for a reason. Capture and understand every step your customer makes and connect the dots.

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Campaign Management

We will do the dirty work of managing your digital campaigns for you. And we will do it well!

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Dashboards & Monitoring

Leverage the way the human brain processes information. Gain control over your campaigns with the power of data visualization.

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Growth Hacking

Lost track of what is going on? Out of ideas? We can dive deep and find the missing links together.

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Our Customers

"MDA has beacame an essential contributor to our project. Very committed and always ready to help."

Andy Gough
"We are still growing and expanding so MDA is doing something right."

Rok Jurečič
"MDA is able to give us actionable insights which has enbaled us to 10X our business in the past year. I would highly recommend them!"

Dan Daniel
"I totally recommend MDA!"

Blake Goodwin
"I find MDA extremely self-initiative, creative and easy to work with."

Damjana Pirnar
"I fully recommend MDA services and you won’t be disappointed."

Elizabeth Conley
"MDA came highly recommended from a family friend and business owner and working with MDA has been very financially rewarding."
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