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Finally! The only part of the website, where we can talk only and exclusively about ourselves! Are you as excited to learn about us as we are to tell you?

Since the establishment of Goodish – world’s best digital marketing agency for SaaS in 2017, Goodish has consisted of a remote team based in the lovely and picturesque country of Slovenia (you know, that micro country where Luka Dončić, Primož Roglič, Tadej Pogačar, Goran Dragić, Melania Trump, Slavoj Žižek and so many more were raised). We’ve been working with clients from around the world with an emphasis on the European, British, and American markets.

Why remote you ask? Maybe it’s because we proactively care about nature and global warming, or perhaps we just love to work in our pajamas, we can’t really comment on that.

We love the saying: “Done is better than perfect” because we don’t want to obsess over the tiniest details that stop us from getting results. Therefore, you can expect prompt results with a personal touch. We can always review the results and optimize accordingly. We enjoy working closely with our clients to achieve the optimal results for their needs. 

At least 8 people can confirm, that we are actually perfect-ish in what we do and we are just the perfect choice for you. Just ask our moms.

So, we care about peace on Earth, clean nature, and we are against nuclear weapons. If we ever change careers, please vote for us on Miss Universe. Thanks!

Meet Us

Our fully remote team in their natural habitats

Franci Bačar

Head of Growth & Digital Dynamo
#family #scout #cooking #gardening #hiking #cycling

Domen Žagar

Conversion optimizer & Data whisperer
"May your coffee kick in before reality does."

Matevž Šauperl

Branding Psychic & Design Consultant
"Only a laptop, data connection and well, myself are needed to work from anywhere around the world!"

Maja Završnik

SEO specialist & community wizard
"Growth, creativity and connection!"

Gašper Gracel

Google Ads Manager
"Always keep developing"

Aljaž Novak

Digital Dynamo
"Persistance is key that unlocks potential"
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