Who we are?

Marketing Data Analytics is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in working with small and promising companies. We can do the most for businesses who want to cross the threshold into the world of advanced data analytics. We have a gusto for the complex and are not afraid of open-ended questions.

If you are looking for a small team of proactive all-rounders to do something big for you – get in touch!

Simple, old-fashioned honesty

You, our client, expect us to perform superbly. We have the same high expectations and we strive to deliver. . That is why we will only partner up, if we know we can deliver the results. No fooling around, just complete focus and utter trust in the process, constantly checking what works and what does not. We want to be the company you will recommend.

Zest and creativity

We see all our projects as adventures. There is always something to discover: a hidden opportunity, a crazy idea, an elapsed potential. That is why we love working with people who are deeply committed: founders and passionate marketeers. Creating synergy is what we are about.

Reliable and open minded

Growing a business is hard these days. The unforgiving, ever-changing environment that surrounds us has high demands on a founder. We can be a reliable partner on your path to success. Always thinking about the big picture, minding the details and double-checking the numbers. We’ve got your back!

Our Customers

"MDA has beacame an essential contributor to our project. Very committed and always ready to help."

Andy Gough
"We are still growing and expanding so MDA is doing something right."

Rok Jurečič
"MDA is able to give us actionable insights which has enbaled us to 10X our business in the past year. I would highly recommend them!"

Dan Daniel
"I totally recommend MDA!"

Blake Goodwin
"I find MDA extremely self-initiative, creative and easy to work with."

Damjana Pirnar
"I fully recommend MDA services and you won’t be disappointed."

Elizabeth Conley
"MDA came highly recommended from a family friend and business owner and working with MDA has been very financially rewarding."
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