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Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with our cutting-edge Marketing Automation Service. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and fragmented customer experiences. Our solution targets key pain points like manual campaign management, low conversion rates, and insufficient lead nurturing. Experience seamless integration, automated personalized outreach, and data-driven insights to foster meaningful connections. Elevate your strategy, enhance efficiency, and drive conversions, ensuring your marketing not only resonates but results in real growth. Let’s transform challenges into triumphs, together.

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Watch how we’ve partnered with iSoftpull to transform their business. This is just one example of how our strategic solutions can drive growth and success.

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Website and Product Analytics:

  • Deep dive into digital analytics to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates.
  • Utilize insights for data-driven decisions and trend analysis.
  • Craft captivating online presences that convert.

Lead Nurturing:

  • Automate and personalize the customer journey.
  • Continuously engage prospects, boosting conversion rates.
  • Keep your brand at the forefront of customer minds.

CRM Management (Zoho):

  • Centralize customer relationship management.
  • Streamline communication and enhance insights.
  • Tailor interactions to improve satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Trigger automated processes and workflows for efficient operations.

"The fact we can talk about Faceook and then Google and then go to emal and then build my CRM and then build my website and then other applications... It is like all things online. You are like my outsourced tech department. "

Dan Daniel
    Dan Daniel

    Director at iSoftPull

    Advanced Segmentation:

    • Target marketing efforts with precision.
    • Create customized campaigns for each audience segment.
    • Enhance engagement and conversion while optimizing marketing spend.

    Personalized Communication:

    • Elevate communication with personalized emails, SMS, and chats.
    • Ensure content resonates, boosting open rates and fostering loyalty.
    • Drive repeat business through impactful messaging.

    Custom APIs: Connect, Integrate, Streamline

    • Seamless integration of applications and services via custom API connections
    • Real-time data synchronization across multiple platforms via webhooks
    • Streamlining business processes by improving data accessibility.

    Embracing Automation with Confidence

    Embarking on the journey of marketing automation with Goodish Agency means embracing a partnership that understands and addresses the intricacies of digital marketing.


    Our approach is not about deploying a one-size-fits-all platform but offering bespoke solutions and services tailored to your unique needs.


    From streamlining operations with advanced analytics to crafting personalized communication strategies, we ensure that automation enhances, rather than replaces, the personal touch your brand is known for.


    Our team is dedicated to making the transition seamless, offering support and expertise every step of the way, ensuring your investment translates into measurable growth and deeper customer connections.


    Elevate your digital strategy, refine customer interactions, and drive unparalleled growth. 

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