Goodish Show [S1E2]: Building & Growing a SaaS Company in 2021

building & growing a SaaS company with dan Daniel from ACS - Goodish Show S1E2

On April 1st 2021 Goodish Agency hosted the 2nd Goodish Show on Building and Growing a SaaS Company in 2021. We were joined by a very special guest, Dan Daniels, director of American Credit Systems and iSoftPull, industry leading credit reporting software for finance professionals.

Dan is a pitch perfect example of an entrepreneur who went from working from his garage to parking his Tesla in it. In his eyes, true entrepreneurs must be determined, fearless, obsessive, and willing to work around the clock. He believes  failing is crucial when building a business and he even compared failing in business to building muscles.

"If you’re not failing, you’re not bringing yourself to the point where you can grow.”
dan Daniel ACS
Dan Daniel

Personalized Approach vs. Automation

Coming from Sales, Dan used to be known for his onboarding calls, approach he changed almost completely with the arrival of Digital Marketing. Although he still uses a personalized approach with his biggest clients, he recognizes great value in automating his onboarding process. He told Goodish that automation should be done step by step, and that the key to successful automation is to not break or replace what’s working well. Automation has to be tested repeatedly until it works well enough to replace the original processes. He finished off by saying that you can’t replace everything a human does with a machine, especially customer service which he believes should never be automated.

Work-life Balance while Growing a SaaS company

Work-life balance is something every successful entrepreneur struggles with. Dan, however told Goodish he enjoys working and will answer an email even while playing golf or having a cigar. He emphasises that being an entrepreneur simply isn’t for everybody. In his words: “There is no work/life balance, there is just f*cking work.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Dan strongly believes in knowledge and recommends every entrepreneur to learn how to use Adobe and  build a website. When starting out a new business, money will be scarce and hiring someone to make a logo or a website for your company is a huge expense that you can avoid by doing it yourself. Once your company is up and running and making profit, start investing into people and agencies who can take this work load away from you.

If you’re looking at growing a SaaS company in 2021, and you might need a wholesome digital marketing agency to help you grow sustainably yet efficiently, reach out to Goodish. With years of experience in growing successful companies under our belt, we’ll be happy to help you automate your processes and reach better KPIs. Take a look at some of our Case Studies to learn more. 

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