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Case study analysis
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Our partnership with iSoftpull has brought about major improvements in how they operate and in their ability to reach the market. By using analytics and CRM integration, we’ve helped the company focus more on the right leads, saving both time and resources. Advertising campaigns have expanded their reach, making them more visible in the market. 

Advertising | CRM | Web and Product Analytics | Long partnership

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Our partnership with ATC Alert stands as a prime example of how strategic digital marketing can revolutionize a company’s market presence and customer relationships. Journey with ATC involved a customized approach, carefully customized to meet their specific needs and goals.

From conducting in-depth A/B testing to implementing advanced analytics and crafting innovative email automation strategies, every step was designed to maximize impact and efficiency.

Strategy | Advertising | A/B testing | Analytics


The primary challenge in this project was the integration of analytics from two different platforms: WordPress for the website and Thinkific for e-course hosting. Each platform had its own set of user data and analytics, making it difficult to track and understand user behavior cohesively.

Our objective was to find a common identifier that would allow us to merge user profiles from both platforms, thus creating a single view of the customer journey.

Technical Implementation | Advanced Analytics | Mixpanel | Thincific

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