Hemptouch is a beauty and skincare company producing products from hemp. All of their products are made with nature’s finest Cannabis sativa extracts.

Objective: Improve CRO

Since hemp products are not allowed to be advertised on Google and Facebook, the company relies on influencers and SEO to drive online sales growth. They are producing a lot of content on skincare related topics and some blogs have an excellent position on Google organic search.


  • Get more blog visitors to view related products.
  • Collect more leads from people who read the blog, but are not ready to buy.


  1. Fixing analytics. After we had tracked everything we wanted to, we were able to see where the funnel is leaking the most.
  2. Improving blog pages. Blogs had great content but performed poorly as landing pages. With a few design changes we were able to increase the amount of users going from the blog to product page.



Improving CR is a slow process, but every month we are adding 0.3% percentage. And in half a year we went from 0.5% to 2%.


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