Case Study: Our Work with iSoftpull

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iSoftpull is a company specializing in credit reporting software that enables businesses to instantly view their customer’s full credit report and FICO® Score. This service is particularly useful for pre-qualifying prospective clients for financing.

The company focuses on saving time and money for its clients while increasing their revenue by focusing on prospects with the right credit conditions.

Their offerings include automating the pre-qualification process and enhancing business processes with easy-to-implement credit reporting APIs. iSoftpull’s web app plays an important role in this, offering businesses a smooth, easy-to-use platform for on-demand access to credit reports.

This integration of web-based technology improves effectiveness in sales and marketing, allowing businesses to make quicker, better-informed decisions with immediate access to important credit information.

Alongside iSoftpull’s services, our work plays a key role in increasing their visibility and helping them reach the right customers. In addition, we have contributed significantly to the design and user experience (UX) of their app.

Our extensive services cover complete web analytics (including web, email, and CRM), product analytics for their application, and advertising across platforms like Google and Facebook.

By ensuring that iSoftpull stands out in a competitive market, we help them reach potential clients who are in need of accurate, efficient, and reliable credit reporting solutions.

Our Work with iSoftpull

Web Analytics

We have implemented a strong web analytics system for iSoftpull using Google Analytics and Posthog, and integrated it with Zoho CRM.

This system not only tracks website traffic and user behavior but also monitors engagement patterns. It then links these insights to customer activities in the CRM. This connection provides a complete view of the customer journey.

By understanding how users interact with their website, we can identify areas for improvement, optimize the customer journey, and increase conversion rates. This data-driven approach helps the company make informed decisions about their web presence and digital strategy.

Sales trend
Last 2 years

Product Analytics

Using Mixpanel, we have set up detailed product analytics for this company. This setup is designed to monitor and analyze customer interactions with iSoftpull’s web app, which is their core product.

We provide the company with comprehensive data on feature usage, assist with user segmentation, predict churn rates, and enhance onboarding processes. Key metrics such as the frequency of credit report requests and the demographics of the most active users are tracked meticulously.

In addition to these analytics, we have integrated Appcues into their web app to improve the onboarding experience. It is important in showing relevant prompts and notifications based on user actions, effectively guiding new users through the app’s features right from the start.

These insights are extremely valuable in understanding how clients engage with their services, which helps shape better service strategies. 

By closely observing these interaction patterns, the company can refine its offerings, ensuring they are customized to meet the changing needs of their customers. This leads to improved service delivery, a better user experience, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

Year 2021/22
Year 2022/23
Graph of 2 years (21 - 23)
Comparing 21/22 and 22/23
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Marketing Automations

Data and signals from both web and product analytics are channeled into iSoftpull’s CRM system. This CRM acts as a central hub, where data converge and from which various marketing automations are managed. 

These automations, triggered by the analytics data, include tasks such as email scheduling, making calls, changing lead statuses, and displaying targeted messages, all orchestrated through Zoho Flows.

Our integration of analytics with CRM automations streamlines the company’s marketing from initial website contact to contract signing. 

We’ve automated essential steps like booking calls, contract signing, and sending meeting reminders, simplifying their process and ensuring timely, personalized client communication.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

We have been working with and managing targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads for iSoftpull since 2017, a journey that began when they were solely operating with a webpage. 

Over the years, we have not only witnessed but also actively supported their significant growth and expansion. Today, the company has evolved to feature both a detailed webpage and a fully functional web app.

Using the information from our analytics, we create these campaigns to target the right audience. As their company grows, we change and expand these campaigns. This helps to keep bringing more visitors to their site, get more potential customers, and make more people aware of their brand.

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Website Layout and Design

Most recently, we undertook a redesign and development of iSoftpull’s website. This project focused on enhancing the site’s layout and design to better reflect their brand identity and the services they offer. The new design improves user experience and engagement, making the website more intuitive and accessible for visitors.

Here is a comparison of what their website looked like before (ACS) and what it looks like now (iSoftpull).

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Our partnership with iSoftpull has brought about major improvements in how they operate and in their ability to reach the market. By using analytics and CRM integration, we’ve helped the company focus more on the right leads, saving both time and resources.

Our advertising campaigns have expanded their reach, making them more visible in the market. Also, the updated website has created a user-friendly and informative space for their clients, strengthening their reputation as a top provider of credit reporting software.

Through this case study, we have demonstrated our skills in web analytics, product analytics, marketing automations, digital advertising, and web development. We have showed you how these services can work together to improve a client’s business operations and visibility in the market.

Over the years, we at Goodish have evolved to become not just a service provider, but a complete tech partner, handling all aspects of iSoftpull’s technical marketing needs.

We at Goodish agency are experts in digital marketing and we can help you to utilize AI to reduce your costs and boost your performance. Read more about our services.

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