Case Study: Sell It Like Serhant

Sell It Like Serhant is an innovative platform offering e-courses in sales training, operating across two digital platforms – a WordPress website for its online presence and Thinkific for hosting a variety of e-courses.

This approach of using two platforms helps the company manage its content and user interactions effectively, but it also brings challenges in data analysis and improving the user experience.

Our work with Sell It Like Serhant focuses on integrating web and product analytics to understand user behavior across these platforms.

The main challenge was to combine data from the WordPress site and the interactive user data from Thinkific’s e-courses.

This case study will cover our strategies for integrating analytics, the challenges we encountered, and how we overcame them.

We will discuss how our solutions provided a combined view of user interactions with Sell It Like Serhant’s digital offerings, ultimately improving their digital strategy.

Challenges: Merging Analytics Across Platforms

The primary challenge in this project was the integration of analytics from two different platforms: WordPress for the website and Thinkific for e-course hosting. Each platform had its own set of user data and analytics, making it difficult to track and understand user behavior cohesively.

Our objective was to find a common identifier that would allow us to merge user profiles from both platforms, thus creating a single view of the customer journey.

Technical Solution: Identifying a Common Identifier

After thorough analysis, we determined that the user’s email address served as the most effective identifier. This approach allowed us to link user activities on both platforms, creating a single, comprehensive user profile for each customer.

Advanced Product Analytics with Mixpanel

Using Mixpanel, we implemented advanced product analytics to track and analyze user interactions with the e-courses on Thinkific. This involved monitoring key metrics such as course engagement, completion rates, and user feedback.

The insights gained from Mixpanel were crucial in understanding how users interacted with the courses, what they valued most, and where improvements could be made.

Integration of Web and Product Analytics

The task of integrating web analytics from WordPress with product analytics from Thinkific was a unique technical challenge for our team.

To address this, we used Mixpanel for both Thinkific and WordPress platforms. Initially, each user was assigned a distinct ID upon visiting the website.

However, once a user signed up for a free trial or e-news and provided their email, we linked this distinct ID with their email address.

When the same user subsequently logged into an e-course using the same email, we were able to identify them as the same individual.

This allowed us to merge the Thinkific and WordPress profiles, effectively combining them into a single user profile in Mixpanel.

This approach ensured that user activities on both platforms were not only accurately tracked but also correctly attributed to the same user profiles.

As a result, we were able to provide a comprehensive and unified view of the user journey, covering everything from the initial website visit to engagement and completion of courses.

Advanced Dashboards in Mixpanel

To make the analytics data actionable, we created advanced dashboards in Mixpanel. These dashboards provided up-to-date insights into user behavior, course performance, and engagement metrics.

They are important because they help the Sell It Like Serhant team make informed decisions, adjust their marketing strategies, and improve their course offerings based on user needs and preferences.

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Our work with Sell It Like Serhant shows our skill in combining analytics from different platforms.

We merged data from WordPress and Thinkific, giving a clear picture of how users interact with their courses. This helped us give useful advice for improving the user experience and the courses themselves.

We created advanced dashboards in Mixpanel that gave up-to-date information. This helped the company make smart decisions about their courses and marketing, leading to better user engagement and satisfaction.

This case study proves our ability to handle technical challenges and provide valuable analytics solutions.

The work we are doing for this company is a great example of how we adapt our strategies to meet our clients’ changing needs in the digital world.

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