Case Study – Spotlight Funding

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Who is Spotlight Funding?

Spotlight Funding is a credit repair company that helps small businesses get funding. They assist in the development of corporate credit profiles and match up the company’s needs with lenders that are looking to give funding to businesses.

Objective: Increase revenue

The goal was to increase the revenue, increase website conversion rate, and decrease CAC (cost to acquire a customer) by ensuring efficiency of Facebook ad campaigns and creating a frictionless user journey.


  • Lots of leads generated through Facebook were ordinary people and not businesses.
  • They didn’t measure and analyze the user journey. The cost was not connected with sales.
  • Poor UX (user experience). The website was not tailored to the target audience, no onboarding emails, and so on.


  1. Analyzing historical data, determining key points in the user journey, and defining key performance indicators.
  2. Developing a comprehensive analytical system for tracking ads, user engagement, on-page behavior, and ad campaign effectiveness.
  3. Running A/B tests on Campaigns and website to ensure lower CPC, better audience targeting, and higher ROI.


A series of experiments resulted in lower CPA and higher CR, which increased the overall revenue.

Learn more about how Facebook ads can be useful in acquiring your customers.

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