Spotlight Funding

Spotlight Funding is a credit repair company that helps small businesses get funding or business credit. They assist in the development of corporate credit profiles and match up the company’s needs with lenders looking to fund small businesses.

Objective: Increase revenue

The main marketing objective of Spotlight Funding was to increase revenue, increase website conversion rate, and decrease CAC (customer acquisition cost). We achieved so by optimizing their Facebook ad campaigns through A/B testing and setting up new creatives. Furthermore, we also ensured web visitors experience a frictionless user journey.


  • Lots of leads generated through Facebook were ordinary people and not credit repair businesses.
  • The company didn’t measure or analyze their user journey. The cost per acquisition was not connected to sales.
  • Poor UX  or user experience. The website was not tailored to the target audience, no onboarding email campaign was set, and more.


  1. Goodish analyzed the company’s historical data, determined the key touchpoints in the user journey, and defined new KPIs (key performance indicators).
  2. We developed a comprehensive analytical system for tracking ads, user engagement, on-page behavior, and ad campaign effectiveness.
  3. Goodish split (A/B) tested their campaigns and website to ensure lower CPC (cost per click), better audience targeting, and a higher ROI (return on investment).


A series of experiments resulted in lower CPA and higher conversion rate, which led to an increase in the overall revenue. In turn, this credit repair company became one of the leading business credit and funding companies in the industry.

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