a bar chart showing exponential growth of closed deals for ACS

ACS – exponential growth of closed deals


American Credit Systems – Advanced Website tracking & Data analysis
Complex cases require simple solutions. ACS uses multiple landing pages to attract different customer segments. And they also use different channels such as Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn or Instagram to attract those customers. You can imagine being on top of that is a nightmare in the form of multiple analytics accounts, Facebook dashboards, and Excel files, just to name a few.

First, we introduced the CRM system and connected all contacts and new leads with it. In the next step we integrated all marketing channels with the CRM. This way we got a unique user journey for each individual client. With advanced analytics tools where we combine data from all sources (CRM, ga, AdWords, FB, Ig), we were able to see which ads are generating leads, and which blogs, videos, and sales calls in fact help turn leads into paying customers. All this resulted in exponential sales growth.

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