Goodish Show [S1E3]: Let’s Talk about Conversions – CRO for SaaS

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On 29th of April 2021 Goodish Agency hosted yet another episode of the Goodish Show, this time it was on the topic of conversion rate optimization also known as CRO for SaaS & FinTech companies. Our special guest that day was Jim Martin the CEO and founder of Align Digital, a true CRO expert and one of the pioneers of growth hacking.

Jim Martin’s Journey

Originally from Argentina, Jim came to New Zealand in 2010 which is where his business journey started. He joined an American digital marketing agency where he was managing a SEO team. As the company was losing a number of clients and Jim was able to recognize why, he decided to open his own CRO agency.

Biggest Challenges in Finding New CRO Clients

Jim explained that most of his clients had to be won over first. When talking about CRO and growth marketing clients usually don’t have a lot of understanding or experience and since they always relied on the help of digital marketing agencies, they’ve never gained a deep understanding of CRO for SaaS.

Best CRO Tools on The market

Been wondering what are some CRO tools that anyone can start using today? For Jim, the number one tool for any growth marketer is Google Analytics as it can indicate quite precisely how potential customers are entering your sales funnel. Another tool Jim uses often is Unbounce, a landing page optimization tool which he’s been using ever since 2013 and still seems to be one of them best CRO tools on the market today. UsabilityHub is another great tool as it allows you to split test your landing page and put it in front of real audiences and get feedback. Jim also recommends looking at heat map tools such as Hotjar or Clarity, which allows you to understand how users are really using your site.

Start your CRO journey by looking at Google Analytics to see which landing page has a high bounce rate. Then, using a heat map determine what is causing your users to drop off.

Jim emphasized that he also likes using a cross browser testing tool to see the website in different resolutions and on different browsers. This allows him to see potential errors which the developers could have missed. 

For a better understanding of the average user experience, take an old phone, go to a local cafè, connect to their wifi and test your website.

CRO for SaaS Cheat Sheet

For all the listeners and readers of the Goodish Show, we have a free comprehensive checklist that anyone can follow to improve their landing page performance today. This list was made by Jim personally based on years of research and experience. 

Download your FREE CRO for SaaS Checklist.

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