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Make your customers stop and stare by delivering eye catching ads, completely optimized to your market and vision.

“Goodish is able to give us actionable insights which has enabled us to grow our business 10X faster in the past year.

Business is booming! I would highly recommend them!”

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Dan Daniel, director, American Credit Systems

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How to run Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & Audience Network. Set them based on your campaign’s objectives, test out different creatives, budgets, audiences, and placement options depending on the device. Furthermore, real-time reporting allows you to modify your ads depending on their performance.

By having a a full-blown Facebook ads agency like Goodish running your ads, you’ll not only increase your everyday conversions and revenue but you will also save yourself time and effort so you can focus on bigger things instead.

With a whole team of Facebook Ads experts supporting your brand's efforts, you can expect:

  • Stunning creatives (ad video design, copywriting, video production, product & lifestyle photography)
  • Well-designed audiences (retargeting & custom audiences)
  • Dedicated account manager & lead strategist
  • One on one consulting


Whether you’re looking to collect more leads or retarget your top customers, we’ll always work with your goal in mind. Our clients have been able to grow their brand awareness, reach conversions, and revenue in a sustainable manner.

With Goodish running your Ads, reaching your ideal clients has never been more simple!


By using Facebook’s powerful targeting options, your message will easily reach your target audiences


With over 1 billion of everyday Facebook users, you can drive immediate traffic to your website


By split testing different visuals and messaging, we’re able to deliver web traffic for a fraction of your normal cost

If you’re new to Facebook Ads you can check out more resources or reach out to Goodish, your designated Facebook Ads Agency.

We’ve helped numerous clients optimize their Facebook Ads budgets, reach their objectives, and increase their conversions. Check out the work we did for Spotlight Funding in our Case Study.


“Working with Goodish was great. They fixed a goal tracking / data integrity issue that had several other experts stumped. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

Ian from Pribly Ventures LLC

Top 10 benefits of using Facebook Ads:

  1. As 80% of all internet users use Facebook (and check it multiple times a day), Facebook Ads make it easy for you to reach your audience and decrease your cost per acquisition (aka. CPA)
  2. Provided that you know your audience well, you can define your targeting based on age, interests, behavior, and location.
  3. Facebook Ads are one of the most inexpensive & cost-effective types of advertising out there.
  4. They’re instant and provides you up-to-date real-time results of your campaigns. Your results are measurable and easy to analyze.
  5. They’re excellent at increasing brand awareness, email list, website traffic, or you can optimize them based on leads, sales, or revenue.
  6. They support your SEO rankings and consequently your organic traffic.
  7. Enable you to better compete against your competition.
  8. Facebook Ads are perfectly adapted for mobile use, which is where 50% of all Facebook traffic comes from.
  9. Organic Facebook marketing is nearly dead so paid ads represent a great way to boost the performance of your Facebook Page.
  10. Facebook Ads can also increase in-store traffic, word of mouth, referrals, and drive off-line sales.

The benefits of using Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook Ads can be time-consuming and expensive for inexperienced users. As an average monthly budget for Facebook Ads usually ranges from $300 – £1,000, it’s more financially feasible for managers to consider hiring a Facebook Ads Agency rather than hiring a person to run their ads.

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At Goodish we can help you optimize your ads so you achieve significantly higher conversion rates.


As a Facebook Ads Agency, we pride ourselves in successfully helping dozens of SaaS companies to reach more clients, increase brand awareness, brand engagement, drive more traffic to their site, and improve overall conversion rates with their Facebook Ads.

The true benefit of working with a Facebook Ads Agency is how simple it is to reach your business goals.

Here at Goodish, we’ll keep you informed regarding the changes we’re making and the results we’re achieving so you can be informed every step of the way. Using Facebook Ads we will reach your customers with specific ads and lead them to visit the landing pages corresponding with your goals to automate your entire sales funnel.


Our Facebook Ads experts will check your ads and provide you with at least


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Same day response guarantee.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and SMEs companies with an emphasis on SaaS that are looking to grow fast. We design our processes so that our responses are prompt and on-point.

Read about our process.


Most common Facebook Ads questions

Facebook Ads Manager is your ultimate tool for creating, running, and monitoring ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. It allows you to edit multiple Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads all within one platform. Probably the best feature that Facebook Ads offer however, is the percise audience targeting.

Before you can start using your Ads Manager, you’ll need to create a Business Page. Once its set up your Ads Manager account will be created automatically and can be found on your page. Facebook will also ask you to verify your ad account information, business information, and advertising purpose.

Enter Ads Manager through your Facebook Page, select Campaigns tab, and click create. Choose your campaign objective and name it accordingly. Proceed to the Ad Set level where you’ll set your budget, schedule, and your target audience. Lastly, on the Ad level execute your creative with image(s), video, and text.

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & Audience Network. You can set them based on your campaign’s objectives, test out different creatives, budgets, audiences, and placement options depending on the device. Furthermore, real-time reporting allows you to modify your ads depending on their performance.

Facebook Ads can be the following: Photo, Video, Slideshow, Carousel, Canvas, and Dynamic Product Ads. In terms of your objective, however, you can choose between Awareness (Brand Awareness or Reach), Consideration (Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, and Messages), or Conversion (Conversions, Product Catalogue Sales, and Store Visits).

Facebook Ads cost as much as you’re willing to spend on advertising, wheather its $5 or $50,000 a week. There are two ways of setting your cost – a set amount that Facebook is allow to spend or cost per result which is based on your campaign’s objective.