Goodish Show [S2E3]: Designing New SaaS Project with Elvis GE

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Goodish show. Today we were joined by Elvis Ge, COO at Programmination, a continuously growing company that designs and develops beautiful and user-friendly products for companies and individuals that want to make an impact. Today we will be discussing designing SaaS applications.

How does Elvis start a brand new project?

The first thing – understand the actual problem that the client is facing. Do not just assume that what they report is what you should be doing. Take time for thorough research and talk with your client. Only then should the brainstorming for a solution begin. In the end, you create the design and show it to the client. If it is not good enough just rinse and repeat.

Is the process of designing the same for all applications and websites?

If we look at a high overview, the general steps are usually always the same, but later on, differences appear in how ideas get implemented. For example, when it comes to designing for SaaS you have to look out not only for the end-user but also if this is going to be a sustainable product. The same goes for marketing – it’s not just about marketing it’s also about acquisition cost if we want to make the client’s business model work.

2 Key Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Project

Falling for the ‘baby bias’ – people adore their idea to the point where they are not willing to go out and get constructive criticism. Let alone change their product. Solution: Build something cheap and small and then validate before spending too much money.

Losing focus – the exact opposite of the ‘baby bias’. Entrepreneurs sometimes lose focus and end up doing something completely different than they intended to. They pivot too much. 

How do you measure success?

The one thing Elvis emphasized the most is staying organized and being on schedule. In other words, making sure the project is not delayed. Keep in mind that a task or a project gets completed only when the testing team says so, not when the development team publishes a new version. So be very clear about your internal definition of done.

Possible New Trends in 2022

Elvis believes that our world is still very much affected by COVID. He thinks that there will be more and more companies/jobs that will start to run digital. People are already starting to question “Do I need to go there?” There are a lot of things people can do from anywhere and not necessarily be physically present.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, if you want to learn more about this topic feel free to check the whole podcast on Spotify and our Facebook page Goodish Agency. We hope you learned something from this episode and we will see you in the next one.

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