Goodish Show [S2E5]: Scaling Saas with Boštjan Bregar


In the last episode of the Goodish Show, we talked with Boštjan Bregar, the CEO and Co-Funder of Loop Email. Loop helps teams organize emails by allowing collaboration inside the inbox.

Giving back to the community

On his road to success, Boštjan got help and advice from many excellent mentors. He sees mentorship as a crucial part of his success. That is why he is a mentor in CEED programs, helping young entrepreneurs.

How and why was Loop started?

Boštjan is passionate about collaboration. When he was screening the market, there were already a bunch of collaborative tools, but none of them enabled the collaboration inside of the inbox. Boštjan did experience and acknowledged this, so he created a friendly email client user for teams.  Loop gets your team organized & in control of incoming emails by eliminating noise and chaos from your inbox.


Preparing for the Product Hunt and AppSumo

As a startup, to grow and become more successful, it is necessary to show the world that you have the product that the people need. The Loop launched their product via Product Hunt where they got some initial users, feedback and mentoring.


After they received some essential information and opinions about the product, they decided to launch the app on AppSumo. It was a great success. With AppSumo, the team finally discovered their niche and collected a bunch of helpful feedback that enabled them to grow further. 


“The mistake most young people make is that they think they know everything”


Analyzing the data and marketing

After Appsummo, more and more users started to use Loop. At this point, the team relied more and more on the data gathered from the user’s behavior. Boštjan talks about how vital measuring and collecting data is to optimize the app. He explains how the team has dealt with issues like end-to-end user tracking, user segmentation, and distinguishing the signal from the noise. 

How to build a rockstar team?

It is no secret that there is a dedicated team behind every successful business. Boštjan explains the need for the chemistry between colleagues and his opinion on the most critical roles for a smooth running of a company.


End thoughts and advice

Franci and Boštjan conclude the podcast with some final thoughts and advice about ” survival” in this merciless, fast-paced world.



“In this fast-paced world, we all have to learn quickly as how to forget quickly.”

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