Goodish Show [S2E6]: How to sell your product with a demo?

In this episode, we talked with Chris Colburn, the Co-Founder of Demostory. Demostory is the first browser designed for product demos. It eliminates prospect confusion with colored multi-session browser tabs that allow you to be logged in as different users simultaneously.


How it all started

Chris gained experience working with different SaaS enterprise companies and found himself in a sales engineer role for the last eight years. The idea of a demo-specific browser led him to quit his job and put a full-time focus on this project.


First-year struggles

In the first year, there were a lot of high and low moments. Chris talks about the most challenging thing being on the emotional rollercoaster and controlling emotions as a startup.

Over-optimism brought him lots of worries and filled him with doubt and concerns.


Importance of marketing and customer feedback

Customer feedback is the primary driver of Demostory development.

Chris opens up about his lack of skill and knowledge of marketing. In his opinion, the importance of technical marketing comes to light when you are stuck and your sales are stalling. Looking back on this, Chris regrets not putting more effort into promoting the company in the early days. Realizing the necessity of constant outreach to customers helped him get more conversions.


Promoting Demostory via Linekdin

Chris explains how he interacts and builds his profile on LinkedIn. He details his strategy on how to get the most engagement on your posts. Recognizing and targeting potential clients is a crucial part of building your business. Like many others, Chris developed his method to spot and convert the leads.


How to make a perfect demo?

The main job of the demo is to show people how it is going to make their lives better and solve their problems. Story-crafting with software plays a significant role in explaining how the product will help with their obstacles. Chirs also explains the usage of live and pre-recorded demos and why he thinks storytelling is essential.

“The first cardinal rule is that the demo is not a training session”


The art of communication

More prominent companies tend to rely on discovery interviews. Chirs talks about how important it is to show potential clients that you have a solution to their problems and how easy it is to blow the deal for not understanding their issues.


“If you have an idea and see an opportunity, go for it!”

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