Goodish Show: The Secrets of an Effective Branding Strategy for SaaS Businesses [S1E1]

Goodish is launching a new show highlighting digital marketing trends of 2021. Each month we’re going to cover a different topic – from branding and brand positioning to analyzing and utilizing your data for growth.

Goodish Show will each month invite industry leaders to join our chat and talk about the trends that are changing the landscape of digital marketing for SaaS companies. Join us, learn from the best, and exceed at your business.

On the 25th of Feb, we’re going to be joined by Joshua Weaver from Sonder, Arizona-based digital marketing dedicated to creative solution hunting. Driven by innovation, Sonder focuses on multimedia production, interactive design, brand development, and digital marketing. So who better to invite to join our conversation on branding and social media marketing than Joshua!

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