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“Goodish is a top research marketing agency. They were tasked with delivering a strategic review of our digital marketing activities. Their delivery was within budget and on time within a very tight schedule.

Our leadership team gained unprecedented insight into our overall digital marketing strategy with a level of detail and clarity we had not seen before.

I would highly recommend Goodish Agency to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing outcomes.”

Boštjan Bregar, co-founder & CEO at Loop Email

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free online tool for converting data into customisable dashboards and reports. With a drag and drop editor and basic sharing features, it is easy to use and read. It can connect to almost any data source and even offers some basic data manipulation possibilities.

While having insufficient data is bad, having too much data is equally bad.

In the digital era, we have become convinced that the more data we have, the deeper our understanding of it will be. But on its own, heaps of data are completely useless. Time and time again we see clients coming to us with problems such as having:

  • business data scattered amongst various platforms,
  • manual metrics calculations, done just weekly, monthly, or quarterly,
  • lack of knowledge which would enable them to really understand their data
  • zero ownership over their data – nobody takes responsibility,
  • neglected data collection, making data unreliable.

If data is not collected and used for making smarter business decisions, it is essentially useless. No matter the amount.

“Goodish is able to give us actionable insights which has enabled us to grow our business 10X faster in the past year.

Business is booming! I would highly recommend them!”

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Dan Daniel, director, American Credit Systems

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Let Goodish, the Google Data Studio Agency create a clear dashboard for your website with tips to get your team started.

Small and medium enterprises often lack a team member with the skills needed to navigate and understand original, plain data sources.

This makes it impossible to keep track of what’s going on and greatly decreases the value of your data when making business decisions.

Custom GDS dashboards enable you to highlight the set indicators connected to your business goals. Your dashboard should contain all of the data important to you gathered in one location. Adapting the dashboard design to highlight the business metrics that matter to you will unlock valuable information hidden in your data. A solid dashboard design enables you to perform a better data assessment and contextualization, making data easy to understand.

Custom dashboards bring all of the data sources together. By having all of your data gathered in one spot, you’ll save time and will become better at detecting anomalies in the performance. As a Google Data Studio Agency, we can connect literally everything in a single, intuitive dashboard. Say goodbye to complex workflows in order to check your primary business metrics.

Dashboards collect the data in real-time. Forget about repetitive weekly, monthly or quarterly tasks of combining your data in spreadsheets. While GDS dashboards require some extra effort to set up, they will also provide you with a quick payoff.


When building a dashboard, have a clear picture of your business goals. Being too broad will not provide you with value.


Who will the user be? What are their responsibilities? And how do they measure success? Dashboards should be designed in a style that’s suited to their specific users


Dashboard design can have a major influence on metric perception. Be wary of the emotional biases and never cherry-pick the data to make the results seem better than they actually are.

How does the dashboard building process look like?

At Goodish, your designated Google Data Studio Agency we work in cooperation with our clients when setting up their dashboards. Often times the most important insights are uncovered in this phase!

Once the dashboard is set up we’ll create users and prepare short instructional videos so you can better understand your GDS dashboard.

Depending on your feedback, we’ll tweak your dashboard so it fits the team’s needs as much as possible.

There are 3 types of dashboards you can choose from:

  • The performance measurement dashboard would be the dashboard you can check every morning. This dashboard would contain your main business metrics and the corresponding contextual metrics. They are built to be super-intuitive and require no additional knowledge to be understood.
  • Analytical dashboards are set up for your team members to be able to conduct research and analyze specific ongoing business problems. Think organic traffic performance dashboards. These types of GDS dashboards require a higher level of understanding of data and various tools. Hence, for analytics dashboards, we provide training for the users.
  • One-time research dashboards are built when complicated problems arise. They typically look like a presentation slide deck, with the first slide being a presentation of the main problem and the following slides explaining the underlying issue.

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Principles of good dashboard design

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“But don’t dashboards just add a new layer of complexity?”

No. They’re actually great at presenting complex data, making your conclusions easy to understand and share.

Dashboards are fully customizable and make it easy to control specific key flows for your business. No pre-made solution can beat that.

Aren’t dashboards expensive?

No. The good news is that we mainly use Google’s FREE Data Studio to build the dashboards. This is often enough for most of our client’s needs. It also offers an especially speedy integration with data sources. Even better, a basic e-commerce overview dashboard can take just a couple of hours to build.

If you’re looking for more complex solutions, we can also build custom build services or redesign your enterprise-level software.


Our dashboard experts will check your data sources and business goals and provide you with at least


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Same day response guarantee.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and SMEs companies with an emphasis on SaaS that are looking to grow fast. We design our processes so that our responses are prompt and on-point.

Read about our process.


Most common Google Data Studio questions

Google Data Studio is a free online tool for creating dashboards and reports. It is very easy to use with a drag and drop editor and basic sharing features. It can connect to almost any data source and even offers some basic data manipulation possibilities.

A good dashboard provides straightforward answers to specific business questions. It emphasizes the crucial metric(s), which are given context by its supporting metrics. Metrics should be easy to assess and put into context. Dashboards should stay simple with a minimal set of colors and a clear design for a better understanding.

First, decide on the platform – we recommend Google’s free Data Studio. Connect it to your data sources. For Facebook, you will need a service such as Supermetrics. Then check the dashboard template gallery if a suitable design already exists and build on top of that.

Focus – GDS dashboards highlight the specific metrics that are important to your business. They bring all of the data together to be examined on a single page, saving lots of time. Dashboards are real-time, and ultimately, help you make better business decisions.

The cost depends on the complexity of the dashboard and the volume and frequency of changes in the data source. If there are no greater data source changes, most dashboards just need a regular check-up.

We recommend Google’s FREE Data Studio. It’s very intuitive and can connect to a big majority of data sources. The cutting-edge paid software representatives are Tableau and Microsoft BI. There are also many smaller companies trying to win specific niches.