Server-Side Tagging

Server-side tagging helps businesses manage data effectively, building trust and transparency with users.

Server Side Tagging

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    From Pribly Ventures LLC

    In today’s digital landscape, the ability to track and manage website data is crucial for making informed business decisions. Server-side tagging empowers you to take control of your website’s analytics and marketing tags, offering a wide range of benefits:

    Improved Performance: Server-side tagging can enhance website speed and load times by reducing the reliance on client-side scripts.

    Enhanced Data Privacy: Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA by managing user data more securely.

    Seamless Tag Management: Centralize and simplify tag management, making it easier to maintain and update your tracking and marketing tags.

    Customization: Tailor your website’s tag setup to meet your specific business needs and objectives.


    Major web browsers, led by Google Chrome, are setting the stage for a more private browsing experience by phasing out third-party cookies. Privacy Sandbox initiative is pioneering this movement with the introduction of innovative features designed to protect user data while supporting the web’s economic vitality. As the traditional cookie crumbles, server-side tagging emerges as the vanguard of user tracking technology, offering enhanced privacy and data integrity.

    "Their delivery was within budget and on time, even though we had a very tight schedule."

    Boštjan Bregar
      Boštjan Bregar

      Co-founder & CEO at Loop Email

      Server-side tagging is a way to collect and process website data on the server, not in the user’s browser. It’s more secure and reliable, helping businesses manage data and gain user trust.


      Server-side tagging solutions are designed to boost your website’s performance and data management capabilities. Our services include:

      Tag Implementation: We’ll seamlessly integrate server-side tags for analytics, marketing, and other purposes, ensuring they function efficiently and reliably.

      Data Privacy Compliance: We’ll help you navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations, ensuring your website is compliant and user data is protected.

      Custom Configuration: Tailor your tag configuration to capture the precise data you need for your business, whether it’s user behavior, e-commerce transactions, or other metrics.

      Performance Optimization: Enhance your website’s speed and performance by offloading some processing tasks to the server side.

      Maintenance and Updates: We’ll provide ongoing support to keep your server-side tags up-to-date and responsive to changing business needs.

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      Dan Daniel
        Dan Daniel

        Director at American Credit Systems

        Navigate the Post-Cookie Era With Expertise

        GA4 Server-Side Tagging

        Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics, and with server-side tagging, it becomes even more powerful. Our GA4 server-side tagging service ensures that your website captures user interactions more accurately, while also enhancing data privacy.

        Facebook CAPI (Pixel) Server-Side Tagging

        Facebook's Conversions API (CAPI) provides a more reliable way to track user interactions for ad optimization. With server-side tagging, you can send event data directly from your server to Facebook, bypassing common issues like ad blockers.

        Google Ads Server-Side Tagging

        Google Ads is a cornerstone of many businesses' online advertising strategies. With server-side tagging, ensure that your Google Ads campaigns are informed by the most accurate and comprehensive data possible.

        Twitter Ads Server-Side Tagging

        Twitter is a powerful platform for brand visibility and engagement. With server-side tagging, your Twitter Ads campaigns can reach new heights of precision and effectiveness. Our Twitter Ads server-side tagging service ensures that every interaction, from impressions to conversions, is captured with utmost accuracy. Bypass challenges like ad blockers and ensure your ad performance metrics are based on the most reliable data.

        Bing Ads Server-Side Tagging

        Bing, as a significant search engine, offers unique advertising opportunities. Our Bing Ads server-side tagging service ensures that your campaigns on Bing are backed by data that's both comprehensive and accurate. By processing data on the server, we eliminate common tracking issues, ensuring that every click and conversion is accounted for, optimizing your ad spend and ROI.

        LinkedIn Insight Tag Server-Side Tagging

        LinkedIn, the premier platform for B2B marketing, offers the Insight Tag to help businesses understand their ad performance and website engagement. With our server-side tagging service for LinkedIn Insight Tag, capture richer insights about your professional audience. Ensure that your LinkedIn marketing strategies are informed by data that's not only accurate but also compliant with privacy standards.

        Most Common Server-side Tagging Questions

        Server-side tagging is a method where data collection and processing occur on the server rather than the user’s browser. This approach offers enhanced data privacy, improved website performance, and more accurate tracking.

        While client-side tagging collects data directly from the user’s browser, server-side tagging processes this data on the server. This reduces the reliance on browser-based scripts, leading to faster website load times and better data privacy.

        Server-side tagging provides better control over data collection, ensuring that only essential data is captured. This aligns with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, emphasizing user consent and minimization.

        Yes, server-side tagging can enhance website load times and overall performance by reducing the number of client-side scripts and tags.

        While server-side tagging is compatible with many popular tools like GA4, Facebook CAPI, and Google Ads, consulting with experts is essential to ensure seamless integration with your specific toolset.

        Server-side tagging bypasses issues like ad blockers and browser restrictions, ensuring that tags fire consistently and capture accurate data.

        GA4, or Google Analytics 4, is the latest version of Google Analytics. With server-side tagging, GA4 can capture user interactions more accurately and in compliance with data privacy regulations.

        Server-side tagging allows businesses to send event data directly from their servers to advertising platforms. This bypasses common tracking disruptions and ensures that ad performance metrics are based on reliable data.

        While the transition to server-side tagging is designed to be smooth, it’s crucial to work with experts to ensure that historical data is preserved and integrated correctly.

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