Business Intelligence & Analytics

With predictive analytics we help SMEs identify trends, indicators, and patterns. We discover potential trends, opportunities or threats, before they develop into crises. Moreover, we help them determine the effectiveness of existing initiatives, identify potential risks, and devise proactive strategies to reduce business risks and take corrective measures in order to prevent crises and to enhance customer satisfaction.

Analysis & Dashboards

Dashboards help you see your performance and make the information easy to digest.

When creating dashboards we firstly try to make the decision process data-centric. But they can also offer so much more – a unique way to explore your business information in a new, fun and stimulating way.


Since hemp products are not allowed to be advertised on Google and Facebook, the company relies on influencers and SEO to drive online sales growth. Hemptouch is now producing a lot of content on skincare related topics and some blogs have an excellent position on Google organic search.

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