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We create the tools to understand your business and make the decision process data-centric. Visual data representation enables a unique way to explore information in a new, fun and thought-provoking way.

Digital Marketing Strategies that work for you

Using the right digital marketing strategies and tools is essential for any small businesses looking to boost their internet presence. But of course there’s no “one fits all” digital marketing strategy which would work for every company. Your business and your target audience are unique to you and so should be your approach to getting their attention.

If developing a solid marketing strategy that increases your traffic, conversions, and overall revenue seems a bit over your head, signing up with a top marketing agency that will help to develop a strategic digital marketing approach just might be the best decision you made this year.


We specialize in Tech Stack Planning and Advertising


We excel in evaluating technologies and helping clients select the optimal ones for their business. We recognize their profound impact on efficiency, growth, and scalability. The Tech Stack Planning process involves the following steps.

Step 1: Review of Current Technologies

We begin by conducting a thorough review of the technologies currently in use by our clients. We evaluate each tool’s effectiveness, how well it integrates with the other tools in the stack, and whether it’s meeting the client’s needs and business objectives.

Step 2: Selection ofSuitable Technologies

Next, we assist our clients in selecting the most suitable technologies for their businesses, ensuring they collect all data and gain valuable insights to support their decision-making. This includes choosing the right website platform that aligns with their needs for functionality, ease of use, and scalability. We also guide them in selecting the most appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that can effectively manage their customer data and facilitate strong customer relationships.

We understand the importance of effective communication with customers. Therefore, we advise on the best email and SMS systems, such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Twilio. These systems can automate and streamline the communication process, ensuring our clients can maintain strong relationships with their customers.

Step 3: Analytics and Insights

In this step, we focus on analytics to provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. We are proficient in tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM), Facebook Pixel, and Google Data Studio. We believe in data-driven decision making, and these tools provide valuable insights into website traffic, user behavior, and campaign performance.

Step 4: Product Analytics

Furthermore, we assist with product analytics tools like Mixpanel and PostHog. These tools provide insights into how users interact with a product, which can inform product development and marketing strategies.

Step 5: Marketing Automation

Finally we help our clients implement marketing automation tools. These tools can automate repetitive marketing tasks, improve marketing efficiency, and personalize communication with customers. They enhance productivity and effectiveness, allowing our clients to focus on other critical aspects of their business.

Step 6: Stable and Bulletproof Tech Stack

The tech stack we provide is not only optimal for the client’s current needs but is also stable and bulletproof, ensuring it can handle growth and changes in the business environment. We ensure that all the technologies in the stack integrate well with each other, creating a seamless and efficient tech ecosystem. At Goodish Agency, we are committed to helping our clients succeed by leveraging the right technologies.


We offer comprehensive advertising services that cover Google Ads, Meta Ads, and email marketing. We understand that effective advertising is a multi-step process that requires a deep understanding of the market, a strategic approach, compelling copy and design, and ongoing monitoring and optimization.

Google Ads

Research: We start by identifying the keywords that potential customers are using to search for your products or services. We also analyse the competitive landscape, including what keywords competitors are targeting and how much they’re bidding.
Strategy: We develop a campaign structure that aligns with your business objectives. We decide on the types of ads to run (e.g., search, display, video), the geographic areas to target, and the bidding strategy to use.

Copy and Design: We write compelling ad copy that includes your keywords and clearly communicates your value proposition. For display and video ads, we create engaging visuals that capture attention and convey your brand message.

Monitoring: We track key metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion to assess campaign performance.

Optimization: Based on performance data, we make adjustments to your keywords, bids, ad copy, and targeting to improve your return on investment.

Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)

Research: We use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to understand your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviours. We also identify the types of content and ads that resonate with your audience.

Strategy: We decide on the types of ads to run (e.g., image, video, carousel), the placement of your ads (e.g., Facebook news feed, Instagram stories), and the objective of your campaign (e.g., brand awareness, website traffic, conversions).

Copy and Design: We write engaging ad copy that speaks to your audience’s interests and needs. We also create eye-catching visuals that stand out in the news feed.

Monitoring: We use Facebook’s Ads Manager to track key metrics like reach, impressions, engagement, and conversion rate.

Optimization: We test different ad variations, targeting options, and bidding strategies to improve your campaign performance and ROI.

Email Marketing

Research: We understand your audience’s interests and needs. We identify the types of content and offers that resonate with them.

Strategy: We develop a content calendar that outlines what you’ll send and when. We decide on the types of emails to send (e.g., newsletters, promotional, transactional).

Copy and Design: We write engaging email copy that provides value to your audience. We design your emails to be visually appealing and easy to read.

Monitoring: We use your email marketing platform’s analytics to track key metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

Optimization: We test different subject lines, email designs, and content to improve your email performance. We also segment your audience and personalize your emails to increase relevance and engagement.

Focusing on conversions

We use our technical knowledge to connect creative messaging to your traffic to the conversions you’re after. This is the only way you can truly compare channels and make data-driven decisions.

Enabling data-driven decisions

We connect your user’s on-site and off-site user behavior to the conversions you’re after.

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