5 Steps to Win at Market Segmentation

market segmentation goodish

As you know, not all of your customers have the same characteristics or share the same profile which is where Market Segmentation comes in handy. Read about our top tips regarding defying your customer, building a persona and adapting your marketing strategies to well defined customer segments. Who are You Selling To? If I asked […]

Who am I? – Branding your SaaS startup in 2021

branding saas in 2021

Descartes knew one thing. He knew he was thinking, therefore he could be certain that, at least, he existed. Well, I’m certain of another. You have no product to sell. Oh, I’m certain you’ve written a bunch of code & connected it to various buttons. Most of you, and I say this with love, are […]

Are you Happy? – How to Understand Customers

How To Understand Customers in 2021

How to understand customers – let’s talk about people. As marketers & entrepreneurs we tend to keep focusing on numbers. How could we not, when they are right in front of us? Every tool or channel I try to get my message through tends to shove numbers right into my face. Engagement rates, clicks, domain […]

Save Money on Customer Support without Losing Quality

Save money with support analysis

Consider your day. Doubtless throughout, you’ve had innumerable interactions with various people & brands vying for your attention (and hard-earned money). Which, if any, do you remember? Will you remember them a year from now? How can I get you to remember this one? While a focus on experience, XM, X-analytics & other buzzwords is […]