Transforming Businesses: A Partnership Success Story with iSoftpull

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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses strive to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging innovative technologies and automation. 

With over 10+ years experience in the credit reporting space, iSoftpull’s founders identified a universal problem plaguing all businesses: wasting time and money pursuing unqualified leads. With this, the founders identified a need within the market for an easier way for businesses to pre-qualify clients. iSoftpull found a reliable partner in us, an agency renowned for its expertise in technology implementation and design. Our Collaboration highlighted the transformative impact it had on iSoftpull and its ability to scale and grow

Building a Successful Partnership

Our relationship began in 2017 when Dan, the president of iSoftpull, first encountered Franci, the founder of Goodish, during his early entrepreneurial journey.

For iSoftpull, we design and run ads on Google, Meta and Bing, we do email marketing, we’ve also built a website and a few landing pages, we do web and product analytics, CRM and we’ve set up a lot of automations (Such as lead generation from the website to the CRM, automated customer emails, and appointment bookings with salespersons, etc.).

Empowering through Technology

iSoftpull shares a common goal of transforming their businesses and harnessing the power of automation. Our team provides invaluable support by setting up iSoftpull accounts, connecting APIs, and integrating forms into clients’ websites. By automating activities, such as pre-qualifying clients and connecting iSoftpull with existing tools like CRM or email systems, we optimized their workflows and enhanced productivity.

Design and Branding

Recognizing the importance of visual appeal and brand differentiation, we are expertise in design to help clients stand out in a crowded market.

By creating captivating designs, we ensured that iSoftpull website and digital presence made a lasting impression on their target audience, thereby expanding their reach and elevating their brand perception.

Beyond App Installation

While Goodish’s primary focus is on installing and integrating essential technologies for clients, we also offer additional services to meet clients’ evolving needs. Whether it is assisting with marketing messaging, creating graphics, or setting up ads, we are always willing to explore opportunities to provide comprehensive support throughout a client’s growth journey, just like we did with iSoftpull.


Expertise in Technology Selection

“One of Goodish’s standout qualities is its extensive knowledge of various technologies available in the market. Many businesses face the challenge of navigating numerous tools and subscriptions without a clear understanding of their impact.

Goodish helped us to overcome this hurdle by offering valuable insights and recommending the most effective tools for our specific requirements. This expertise enables us to make informed decisions, optimize costs, and maximize the value of our technology investments.”

– Dan Daniel, President & Founder of iSoftpull
An image Dan Daniel, President & Founder of iSoftpull


The collaboration between iSoftpull and Goodish exemplifies the positive impact that a strategic partnership can have.

Our expertise in technology implementation, design, and automation has enabled iSoftpull to scale their operations, increase efficiency, and unlock new growth opportunities. By embracing innovative solutions like Chat GPT and other AI tools, we continually evolve to meet the evolving needs of clients in an ever-changing digital landscape.


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